Jackets, Varsity Jackets, Letterman jackets, Bomber Jackets, Custom Jackets
Call them what you like, we can put together your original jacket for you.
It starts with a Setin Sleeve jacket with high quality 24oz wool body, lined with a soft nylon lining, ribbed knit trim and vinyl sleeves.
Pictured is a setin sleeve jacket with Standup Collar, Leather Sleeves and custom patches.







Raglan sleeves run all the way up to the shoulders and is another classic retro style.

Pictured with a  Byron colour and XL custom patch and sleeve patches.








Surcoats are a slightly longer length jacket and come with a straight bottom.


They can have either Setin or Raglan sleeves and they can be wool, vinyl or leather. They can also have any of our collars on them as well









For something a little bit fancy you can go with any one of our insert sleeve varsity jackets. Single, Double or Triple insert sleeves.

Inserts can be any mix or materials and colours.








It's all your choice and there are so many options to choose from.