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All custom made for you

Jacket Editor

When it comes to varsity jackets, you won’t find any better quality or have more choice to get your jackets, exactly the way you want them. At any time you can jump around and change anything you have already chosen.


When you select a component you must finish choosing those options before you can move forward.


As you go through and select different materials and change styles, we automatically update/change your jacket price so you can work to your budget.   

To start designing, click on the editor image, to learn more read on…..


Styles - we have 7 different custom varsity jackets to choose from. Your jacket, your way.




Body Materialour 24oz wool comes is 36 different colours. Perfectly matched year in, year out.




Sleevesyou can choose to have either Wool, Vinyl or Genuine Leather sleeves and when doing Insert jackets you can even mix the materials in the sleeves. I.e. Contrast Wool inserts on a leather sleeved jacket

There are 30 Leather colours, 17 Vinyl colours and our 36 wool colours to choose from.





Quilted linings are slightly warmer and thicker while also giving a more padded look.

Nylon linings are a lot lighter wearing  and not quite as warm.

All our jackets will keep you warm.





Pocket Weltsthe slits on the front pockets of your jacket can be any combination of colours, materials, they can be matched or different. One more little reason why our jackets are the best.


Snaps – your choice of one of 25 different colour snaps.


Knit TrimPick the pattern you like, then put together your custom colours. There are 36 colours to pick from.





Collars like all our custom jacket components, you get to choose. Our base jacket comes with stand-up collars.
Stand Up, Roll Neck and Hug Knit collar – just choose your knit pattern and the colours you want and our jacket editor will do the rest.
For Byron and Pro collars you can custom build your own look. Leather or Vinyl can only be matched with a wool colour, you can 
choose whether it is the bottom or top colour. Wool/wool collars can be done.
Our jacket Scalloped Zipper Hoods come with a Wool outside and can have a white fleece inside or any colour wool as the inside. Zipper come in your choice of 18 colours. Yes, all our hoods have a zipper
The Sailor Collar comes blank and briad can be added. Braid can be mitred (as pictured) or crossed to the edges  




Sizethis is the most important thing to get right. Please checkout our sizing guide or contact us at info@teamjackets.net with your height and weight for assistance. When choosing your size please take into consideration that our sizes are generous and lining choice makes a difference. For example, I am a XL in most things but happy to wear a nylon lined size large or a quilted size XL. Surcharges apply for jackets 3XL and up.



AlterationsWe understand that people come in different shapes and sizes, if you are taller than average or like a longer jacket, you can add 5cm to your sleeve length and/or 5cm to the body length of the jacket. (Surcharge applies). If you are short or want a high waisted fit, then you can shorten the sleeve and/or body length for free.



Decoration - Click on the decoration tab and you get a whole range of new options to design your custom varsity jacket decoration.


We have included options for all our most common chenille and embroidery choices and will be constantly adding new options along the way.


Chenille patches can be put on the Left Chest as either a single letter in 4 different sizes or 2 different sized 2 or 3 letter monograms.


The Right Chest is for names and you can have two lines in different fonts.


You can do three different sleeve patches on either sleeve and have several options for the backs as well.


Below is our editor options in more detail but if you require anything different to what we offer currently on the editor then please contact us at info@teamjackets.net with your request.


If you would like more information on chenille patches then please have a look at our chenille page

 Left Breast - Letters can be Full Block, Plain Block or Script. Monograms can be Full Block or Plain Block and staggered. We can do other fonts and interlocked Monograms so please just contact us if you cant design what you want on our Editor. Contact us at info@teamvarsityjackets.com.au

The chenille (loop) and keyline (chain) stitching can be a contrast colour to give you either a 2/3 colour single layer or a 3/4 colour double felt layer patch


Right Breast

Script or Full Block, one of two lines, 34 colours up to 13 characters per line.

If you need anything else that doesn’t quite fit on our editor, contact us at





Up to three positions on each sleeve, we apply from the top down.

Choose from our range of 34 chenille thread colours and

34 different felt layers to create your 2,3 or 4 custom patch.


That’s 34 x 34 x 34 x 34  =

1,333,336 different patch colour combinations

Before you even start adding letters and numbers.

Get in touch for custom designs as well and have a look at

some of the combinations already put together in our gallery.

Gallery page




COMING SOON - Stay in touch and wait until you see what else we plan to build into the editor, as well as all the new fonts the team is currently working on.


And finally………….our Jacket Backs


You design it, we will put it together for you.

If you can’t do it on line, get in touch and we can do you custom designed varsity jacket back for you.

Make sure you have a look at our Custom Designs page.        



Now go start designing.