and have been since 1999


We love them, we like a challenge and we are very good at doing them. All digitising and embroidery is done inhouse on our state of the art software and mixed chenille and standard embrodiery machines.


Send us a jpg, bmp or pdf image of your design, how many jackets you are after and what sort of size you are looking for and we will get back to you with a quote for setup and embroidery. Setup charges are once only and dependant on your design, not stitch count and based on the time it will take to digitize the design. Embroidery price is based on the stitches in the design and the time it takes to run the design.


Below are samples of some of our work with details reagrding their stitch counts and size.



64,714 mixed stitches, 28cm H x 26cm W                                       211,355 stitches, 28cm H x 28cm W   



83,175 mixed stitches, 33cm H x 27cm W                                  67,223 mixed stitches, 35cm H x 26cm W



211,613 stitches, 35cm H x 38cm W                                         76,680 stitches, 20cm H x 20cm W



51,807 metallic stitches, 23cm H x 25cm W                               49,323 mixed stitches, 27cm H x 27cm W



  113,210 stitches, 25cm H x 34cm W                                     117,409 mixed stitches, 20cm H x 24cm W



     59,275 stitches, 27cm H x 28cm W                                        57,495 mettalic stitches, 32cm H x 26cm W



403,344 stitches, 43cm H x 421cm W                                       41,303 mixed stitches, 29cm H x 29cm W



156,258 metallic stitches, 28cm H x 31cm W                                  183,596 stitches, 36cm H x 28cm W      


45,227 mixed stitches with metallic, 14cm H x 30cm W


137,380 stitches, 20cm H x 29cm W


Our biggest jacket back was over 420,000 stitches, 42cm H x 40cm W and took over 16hrs to run. No job is too big and if you have custom designs that you want to do on your custom jacket, get in touch with us at If you have an idea for a jacket back, speak to us and we can discuss your design and help you put your dream jacket together.