About Us

We are a proudly owned Australian company that have been producing Varsity Jackets since 1999. We started with a dream to make jackets with chenille embroidery using only the best materials available here and invested in the first mixed embroidery machine in Australia. We have been making jackets for customers all over the world ever since.


Working with some of the world’s best companies, leading designers and just every day customers with some great concepts, we are consistently producing the highest quality jackets we ever see. All jackets are made individually to order and with over 35 colours in our range and seven different styles we have over 10 billion different jacket designs we can make for you before we even start decorating.


Our editor and retail site now allows you to design your very own jacket with most of our standard options at your disposal, we are always working on updates and additions to our editor to allow you to design more but please feel free to contact us with any custom or alternate options you would like us to do.


For us, a jacket is something that will stay with you for a long time, I still have my first jacket from 1987. All our jackets are made with high quality materials and made to a high standard using only the best methods. When you buy a Team Varsity Jacket, you know that you are getting quality.